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These ears are HUGE...especially for my little head! I love pink and I think I look pretty good in it. I have wanted a pair of pink velvet ears ever since I knew that they were a thing (more so than even the pink sequins ears!). This store was have a 50% sale on all their velvet ears this spring and I jumped at the chance to get a pair. Normally this seller’s ears are a bit on the pricy side (probably due to the size and the amount of material needed to cover them!!!), but sale prices are always a draw-in for me! These ears are well made and the velvet is super soft and luxe. The designer even covered the headband in the velvet. The ears are very sturdy with, what feels like, wire and heavy cardboard. They won’t flop or droop, but it also makes them VERY heavy. This may be why I can only wear them for an hour or two before I get a headache. 😔. The bow has no structure at all and does get a little droopy and floppy, but this also means that you can position them how you want (just no guarantee they will stay in place). This is helpful if you put the headband on can just push the bow to the other side. The turn around time was long, but the seller did warn about that since it was during a sale and there was high demand. The store is all Mouse Ears in different Disney, holiday, and non-Disney styles. If you have a big adult-sized head (or a ton of hair) and need big ears, this is a great store to purchase from! But if you have a tiny head like me, keep looking around a bit.

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