Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded July 2, 2018

Another Kermit item I have been drooling over on Etsy!!! This seller mostly makes these glittery bows (and a few Mickey Ears) in her shop. This bow is the “small” size but she also makes them in “Texas Cheer” large size. Now, this small bow here is pretty big...I can’t imagine just how big the large size is?!? It is made with stiff, thick leather that is almost guaranteed to never lose its shape (but as the seller warns: is NOT waterproof!). It is super glittery but the glitter doesn’t seem to shed at all. It is VERY well made!!! For the small bow, the backing options are: a thick pony tail elastic, a long alligator clip, or a key chain hook. I chose an alligator clip because it is the most versatile. I can clip it in my hair just above the pony tail elastic, or on a shirt, or to the bottom of my pin-trading lanyard. I can’t usually wear green, but I LOVE the way it looks in my hair! I feel like a little girl again. I think the seller already had the bow made, because it was shipped out less than a week after I placed the order! It was a very quick turnaround!!! I highly recommend this shop and I have my eye on a Gryffindor and Nightmare Before Christmas bow. This seller also has the option for cheerleading custom bulk orders. She not only has Disney themes, but sports, Nickelodeon, and plain colors. Go get yourself a bow and feel like a little girl again!!!

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