Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded July 28, 2018

This mascara came in a bundle that I bought from my Younique selling friend. This is just a mascara...not the fiber lash extension kit they are famous for. As far as performance of this mascara, it is not any different or better than a good drugstore mascara. But this is so much more expensive (on par with most high end mascara $), that you would hope it was something special! The formula is nice: not too wet not too dry. It seems to coat the lashes nice and evenly. I do notice a good amount of length but no volume whatsoever. I like how the wand’s bristles separate the lashes really well. The wand is easy to use with short bristles that are spread out in an open spiral. The formula has a yucky plastic smell but I don’t notice it once it is applied. Like I said, this is just an ok mascara and I don’t recommend paying full price for it when you can get an Essence mascara that does the exact same thing for just a couple of $!!!


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