Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded July 28, 2018

This foam conditioner sample came in my July 2018 Walmart beauty box. I used to be a Pantene fan back in college. I loved how my hair looked and smelled after using the shampoo. But then a hairdresser told me it was bad for my hair and I (sadly) quit it. This product is interesting. It is in a dry-shampoo type can. The sprayer is squared with slats for the product to spray out. It took me a few min to figure out how to press it...and when I figured it out, a ton of product came out. I don’t have a ton of hair so I didn’t think I would need that much product (I was wrong). The conditioner comes out as very light foam, similar to a styling moose but less sticky. Because the foam is so light and airy, you actually need a decent amount of product to cover everything. A little does NOT go a long way. This is a light conditioner. It is not going to give you a ton of smooth & silky-ness. I am ok with that because my hair is so fine and soft to begin with...but coarser haired girls will probably not get much out of this conditioner. It has that sweet flowery smell that all Pantene products have, but it is a lighter scent in my hair than using the regular shampoo/conditioner. I don’t love that it is in an aerosol can (because environment and they don’t hold up well in my shower and its hard water). But this is a good conditioner for us fine haired girls. I will use up this sample, but if I repurchase from Pantene, I will just go for the traditional cream conditioner instead.

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