Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded July 28, 2018

Here is July’s bracelet Trio + one more for their anniversary month. Yup, we got an extra bracelet for their two-year anniversary...I love it when they give YOU gifts!!! These brackets are super summery and I love them!!! The first band is a super neon bright coral multi-strand. The second is a 2-strand braided light pink with 20 little turquoise disk beads. The third is a coral (not neon) strand with silver, coral, and light pink seed beads held together in the center with a silver coral charm. The last bracelet is a thick, multi-strand, braided white with silver beads on each pull-string. Now, the very 1st bracelet I ever bought from Puravida was this (almost exact same...but not silver beads on the pull ties) white bracelet!!! I haven’t removed it since the day I got it. I took a picture of both bracelets together on my arm to show you how dirty and muted these get (when you wear them as much as I do!!!). They all feel sticky and stiff, but they loose their stick and soften right up after the first time you get them wet. I am still so in love with these bracelets and am addicted to this Subscription even though I have enough of these to cover my entire right arm!!! I just can’t quit them. 😝




Bracelet “Trio”

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July 2018

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