Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded August 14, 2018

This set of bun makers was “free” plus only a few dollars. This set comes with 4 different sized and shaped rollers and instructions. I have tried those round Brillo sponge-like bun makers but they never work because I have such little hair (and they just become brush cleaner sponges instead!). I thought that maybe the smallest piece in this set would work for me...and it does!!! I am so happy. The three big ones are too big for me. I am probably going to give the rest away to my friends who are blessed with more hair. These are basically just pieces of thick, flat wire covered in a very soft, squishy foam. The foam is cheap and I can see it tearing with constant use, but even without the foam, they will still work. Each piece has a hole in the center. To make a bun, you put your hair in a pony tail, put the hair through the hole, pull it down to the hair’s ends and start rolling upwards. Fold the ends in and pull the hair around the foam to hide it. I can still see the foam a little through my hair because, again, I have so little hair to cover it (I wish they made these with a lighter colored foam). But the hold is impressive! I don’t need to pin it at all, the foam holds in place all day! It looks great and doesn’t give me a headache. So even thought I am only getting use out of 1/4th of this purchase, I am still very happy with it!

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