Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded August 16, 2018

I need to start off by saying: I have NO IDEA how to put in clip extensions!!! If you have any tips or suggestions, they would be appreciated!! 😘. Chalk this lower rating to possible user error. I have VERY fine and VERY thin hair...this is both helpful and problematic concerning this product! The extensions are just a little more honey colored compared to my hair color, so the match is almost perfect! The extensions hair is also very fine and thin, so the texture is the same as my hair too! These extensions, however, would not look good on someone with thicker hair than mine because they would be too thin (unless you tried multiple strands at once). The problem with my thin hair is that no matter how I try to put in the extensions, the band always shows! I have tried putting on the extensions several different ways: first I separated my hair into layers and clipped the extensions in between the layers (the band really showed!). The second time, I flipped all of my hair upside down and then clipped the bands in at the very bottom of my hair line (the band was better covered, but you could see a lump where it attached). Next, I made a pony tail of my own hair and then wrapped the extensions around the pony...then I added a scarf to cover up the band. This looked the most natural, but I didn’t buy these extensions to wear my hair up!!! The last time, I put the extensions on again by flipping all of my hair over and then created two loose pig tails over my shoulders. This looked cute, but no matter how much I manipulated my own hair, the band still showed through!!! Many of these styles did give me a headache, but as someone who has had real extensions many times before, you always get headaches when it comes fake hair! 🙄 Beauty is pain! The hair is not very soft but it does look natural. It is a pain to brush through and I do notice some shedding when I brush it. The band and the clips are a good quality and will probably outlast the hair! These ext

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