Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded August 17, 2018

If this wig fit better, it would be one of my favorites!!! The hair is full, almost real looking (except for the color), and a little itchy. It is past-shoulder-length, curly, grey, white & very pale pink. The bangs are really long and need to be worn swept to the side, so it doesn’t do much to cover my big forehead. But I love the color and the length! The cap netting is well made but itchy (as all of them have been) and has adjustable straps. This one, like the red & pink wig, is too big and feels like it is sliding back on my head. The adjustable straps don’t seem to help. The best way to fix this is to add extension clips to the cap...which I do have! It is made well and only sheds a little when brushed. The packaging is very nice: a plastic bag inside a really nice box. I am really enjoying this wig and find myself constantly putting it back on!!!


Harajuku Fairy Wig



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Jooyi 45cm Lolita Two Toned Grey...

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