Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded August 17, 2018

(UPDATE: this wig looks SO much better when I use a headband to pull the pink off of my face.) I am starting to think that I don’t look as good in pink hair as I do in purple! Thanks, cheap wigs, for helping me figure it out!!! It seems like pink makes me look older and tired in pictures. In person, it is cute. This wig is a two toned pink, white/grey, & red cosplay, long, curly haired wig w/bangs. The cap netting is very nice (though a little itchy, like all the others) and has adjustable straps...but this cap doesn’t seem to fit as well as the other wigs (even with the straps). It always feels like it is sliding backwards. This is an easy fix by adding a couple of extension clips to the cap, which I do have! The hair is very thick, slightly soft but itchy on my shoulders, and almost natural looking (the hair color gives it away!). The bangs are a great length of my big forehead. The wig is well made but does shed a little when you brush it out. The packaging is very nice in a plastic bag with a big box. It would be a fantastic wig for someone with a bigger head and looks good in pink hair!!!

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Wig Cosplay 65cm Long Hair...




Harajuku Fairy Wig