Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded August 19, 2018

For August, we received two bracelets with charms! The first has a pink and gold parrot hang-charm that has a blue rhinestone eye. The second is a flat, white, green, and gold pineapple that sits in the middle of the bracelet. Both are so cute!!! The first bracelet, with the parrot, is on a single strand braided light teal blue and has white, gold, and teal seed beads. It also has little gold seed beads on the pull ties. The second bracelet is over half full of pink and cream donut-shaped beads strung on a single strand of light pink...the most fun part is that the pull strings have tiny teal tassels on each strand. The final bracelet is a double strand of light pink that meet in the middle at the pineapple charm. Love them! They give off so many vacation/summer vibes! ๐Ÿ




Bracelet Trio

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August 2018