Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded August 19, 2018

This mascara sample came in my August 2018 Ipsy bag. This is a very dry mascara. I usually like dry formulas, but this one may be too dry. It is hard to coat the lashes because it is hard to transfer the product onto the lashes. When you pull the brush out of the tube, brush almost comes out clean! The bristles are a natural bristle of medium length, pretty compact, and do an amazing job of separating the lashes. This is actually a great 1st coat mascara to get the lashes where you want them before going in with a more goopy thicker mascara to really get them black! Also great for doing the bottom lashes. So while I am not impressed as a one-and-done product, it is a great first coat mascara! If only I wasn’t so lazy...I should do two coats more often!!! (Face picture shows only the MAC mascara applied.)


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False Lashes Extreme Black

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