Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded August 19, 2018

This full sized nail polish came in my August 2018 Ipsy bag. I have received Adesse polishes in Ipsy bags before. I am never amazed by the lasting power of the formula, but the shades are always really beautiful! This shade is a neutral pink (which can be hit-or-miss on my skin tone). But because this pink leans a bit more mauve, it looks fine on my nails. The Polish is easy to apply, takes a bit for each coat to dry, and (unlike the blue shade) lasts only a couple of days before it begins chipping. This is a great shade for someone who likes to wear nail polish but not have their nails stand out. I, unfortunately, am not that kind of person (I like a bright colorful nail) the lower rating and if I end up decluttering this polish is not the fault of the formula so much as the shade is not my favorite. That being said, I REALLY don’t like this color on my toes!!! I think that might be enough to declutter. Photo shows two coats and a top coat.

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