Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded August 19, 2018

This is my favorite of the cheap wigs!! It is just a tad too big and does feel like it is sliding backwards off my head...which is a bummer. I try to fix it by adding headbands (which ultimately give me a headache). I should fix it by adding some extension clips to the cap! The cap is that very cheap elastic-banded netting that I don’t hate because it is much less itchy than the nicer caps!!! The hair looks totally fake! It is that shiny tinsel, thin, plastic hair and it is a neon fuchsia unnatural color. But it matches my skin tone so well. 😝 The length of the hair is perfect, landing right at my boobs. The wig is not the best made and sheds constantly. I can brush it easily enough but I don’t want to thin it out! There is enough hair that you can’t see the cap through it. I just love this color...maybe someday I will color my own hair this shade, but it will never be this vibrant. 😔. This wig was totally worth the $5!

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Long Bob Wig