Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded August 19, 2018

Of the 3 cheap bob wigs (2 from Wish and one from Walmart), this one is my favorite. It seems the darker the hair the more “realistic” it seems. Plus, I like me with dark hair...maybe I should go goth?!?! This wig has the shiny tinsel hair that looks fake. It has the annoying bangs that are uneven and hard to work with. It also has a weird shape where it is longer on one side of the bob than the other! Not sure if I am wearing it crooked (though t doesn’t feel like it), but it is weird. Because the hair is darker, you don’t see the wig cap netting through the hair. The cap is that cheap netting with the elastic band that is soft and not itchy. It is pretty poorly made and does shed a lot. I like this wig and it makes me feel like a Bobo-Mia Wallace (re: Pulp Fiction). Definitely the best of the 3 on me!

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