Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded August 19, 2018

(DECLUTTERED: this wig is cheap and the pink looks so bad on me!). When I saw “Light Pink”, I thought baby pink...but this is more straight pink. Not very light. This is just like the other cheap Wish and Walmart bob wigs. It has that shiny tinsel fake-looking hair and the cheep, soft, elastic banded netting in the cap. Like the blonde wig, you can see the cap netting through the hair. Of the three, I like the cut if this one the best. It is not uneven, like the black one, and has better bangs than the blonde one. But you can still see the cap through the hair. It is poorly made and sheds really easily! Also, this pink is not my color and looks bad with my skin tone. This is not my favorite wig and may eventually be decluttered.





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