Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded September 1, 2018

For month two of this new-to-me Subscription, I received a hair wrap. This is one of those wraps that is one giant piece of fabric sewn into a loop (like an infinity scarf). The fabric is soft and light with a good stretch. It is well made. I love the bright coral with pink tribal patterns (and strange figures that are birds???). These bands are versatile as you can wear them bunched up as a headband or you can spread it out to wear as a full Head wrap. These headbands are, unfortunately, hard for someone with fine thin hair (like me) to wear. It doesn’t stay in place because there is just not enough hair to keep it in place. I can wear it as a headband, but it does slide off after a few hours. It does stay on longer as a head wrap but without a ton of hair, it does look a little odd on my head. And speaking of infinity scarves, you can wear it around you neck as a tiny scarf...or is that uncool!?!? 😝


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