Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded September 1, 2018

This is the longest wig hair that I own. It is almost annoying how long it is. I am a short-hair girl for a reason!!! The bangs on this wig are great because they are true bangs that cover my forehead well. The color is a platinum blonde. I also love the wavy curls!! This hair feels a little itchy (not as soft as the others) but it does look real. It is not as thick as the dark blonde wig...but that is a good thing because it would make the wig WAY too heavy! This wig actually feels pretty light and I don’t get as hot in it as I do with the others. It is hard to brush (due to the length) and it does shed when you brush it. The cap cannot be seen though the hair and the wig does feel well made. Just like the others from this brand, the cap is nice, had adjustable straps, and is slightly itchy. I like the wig just fine for what it issue is just with the length and I knew it was long when I bought it, so that is on me!!!

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