Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded September 1, 2018

(DECLUTTERED: I love the length and the texture of this wig...but the color looks terrible on me!). For this wig, I like the hair style but not the hair color. The shade is a true strawberry blonde...and again, pink doesn’t look amazing on me. This shade is better than the others, but it is still not my favorite. I love the hair though. The curls are so soft and the bob is the perfect length for me. I love the bangs because they look more natural than some of the other wigs. The hair is soft and thick and you can’t see the wig cap through the hair. The cap is the nice cap in the other wigs that has the adjustable straps but are a little itchy. This cap is a little big on my head and the wig does slide a bit when I get a little hot and sweaty (which happens because the hair is thick and doesn’t breath well). I am thinking of dying this wig to a dark blonde...I don’t want to wreck the awesomeness of this wig but I want a different shade.

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