Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded September 1, 2018

This is A LOT of hair!!! Even though the blonde one is longer, this wig is super thick. It is even heavier on the right side than on the left because of the way the part is: there is more hair on the right side. The color of the hair is a darker blonde (that is close to my hair color), but the ends are died a grayish purple that I am not the biggest fan of. The hair looks natural but it still looks like a wig, mainly because of the sweeping bangs...which I am having trouble styling. These are not true bangs because they are just too long. This wig does shed a bit and it does get annoying. It is really hard to brush out, mainly because there is so much hair! It is also very hot to wear. But it is well made and I do really like it despite its faults. The cap cannot be see though all that hair. It is the same as all the other caps in that it has adjustable straps and is slightly itchy. With this wig I can wear my hair down, but then this cap does feel a bit too big. And because the hair is so heavy, it does slip. This cap would definitely benefit from some extension clips!!! The length is so long and I am not used to it being everywhere. This is going to be a great wig to wear in the is going to keep me nice and warm (better than a hat)!!

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