Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded September 7, 2018

These are the three plastic banana hair clips that I have kept from my childhood)!!! It makes me wish I had kept my crimping iron too. 😉. I have very fine, very thin hair. These clips make me look like I have more hair than I do by creating a full-looking pho-hawk in the back. The clips are very easy to put in: just unclip the clip on one side, place the open clip under your hair, then gather the hair into the clip by closing it around the hair. Sometimes I already the hair out a little in the clip so that it looks crazy full. Because my hair is so soft and fine, these clips do slide off eventually...or they turn horizontally. It am constantly having to replace the clips in my hair. My hair also does get caught and stick in the ends at the clasps. With all this hassle, it is still worth wearing, if only for nostalgia. It stays a little better in my hair if I use a lot of texturizing or hair spray first to make it less soft...but most times I forget this step before going in with the clip! I have three primary-colored clips: purple, yellow, and red.