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This is the second order that I purchased from this Etsy seller...and am still very happy with her products!!! These bows are made and ready to be shipped as soon as you purchase them. So from the time I placed the order to the time it arrived at my house was a matter of weeks! The quality is amazing and they are all so well made! I always chose the “small” size vs the “Texas cheer” size...these small bows look big on my adult (thought child-sized) head, so I can’t imagine how giant the larger size would be! I have the option of different backings: alligator clip, hair tie, or keychain. I always chose an alligator clip because it is the most versatile. I can clip it over my pony tail knot, onto a (Disney pin) lanyard, or even onto clothes. The clip itself is long and strong and seems to stay in place really well. The designer does include a paper that says these bows can’t stand up to getting soaked, so avoid wearing on really rainy days!!!
This Jack bow, unlike the others, is all matte (no sparkles). The bow is a stiff black ribbon that looks like leather (it isn’t). Painted/printed on the bow are the words “What’s This?” and “I can’t believe my eyes” (quotes from the song “What’s This” from The Nightmare Before Christmas) in white script. There is also a white Jack scull on the left flap and the name of her store in white on the back side of the bow. The bow is held together with a white ribbon in the center. I bought this to wear to my son’s Nightmare themed birthday party. Afterwards, I will attach it to my son’s Nightmare Disney pin lanyard so he can wear it at Disney...whenever we actually go. These bows are so well made and I will continue to recommend them!!! The seller can do custom orders for cheer groups and has many character themes (both Disney, sports, and otherwise). I feel like such a little girl with these bows in my hair!!!

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