Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded September 13, 2018

My little guy wants to have a Nightmare Before Christmas birthday party this year (perfect for an October birthday)! I miss doing I decided to make some decorations! This is the wreath from the movie minus the garland octopus arms) and is also seen at the Hunted Mansion at Disneyland. This was pretty easy to make once I had all the pieces made. The eyes are cut from yellow felt and the eye balls are drawn with sharpie marker. The teeth are made from cut pieces of white foam and layered on top of each other for more dimension. I have a giant roll of velvet ribbon, so I made the bow out of several pieces that I stapled and hot glued together (yup, real professional here!!!). I cut out a skull out of felt and drew the eye & nose holes with a sharpie marker. I used a big hole punch to punch “berries” out of the left over scraps of velvet ribbon. I then glued all of the pieces onto the wreath (which I bought at AC Moore 40%) with a hot glue gun. I hung it with two pieces of yarn threaded through the frame. I added a spider to the skull for something extra...since I had leftovers from other projects. It is also glued on with the glue gun. This took me about an hour total to make (thanks to the glue gun!).

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