Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded September 13, 2018

My youngest son is having a Nightmare Before Christmas birthday party this I am getting my craft on to make some fun decor. He has a Jack Skellington, Sally, and Zero doll., so I thought I would make Oogie Boogie to round out the group. I had some burlap laying around from other projects. I cut a free-handed drawn shape that looked like Oggie’s blob form. I sewed it up with black thread and made sure it wasn’t neat and the stitches could be seen (the best part about Oggie is that it really shouldn’t look clean and raw ugly edges look cool. It took quite a while to sew up because he is about 3 ft tall!!! I left a hole to fill him and flipped him inside out. I filled him with fluff and craft straw...I wanted him to be a little crunchy and not super cuddly. In the unsewn hole, I stuck a few plastic bugs sticking out and sewed up the hole and the bugs in place. I cut out eyes and a mouth out of black felt and sewed them on with the black string. I took some grey yarn and tied one end to Oogie’s hat and the other to a sparkly spider. I hot-glued the string down so it doesn’t move. My Oogie is a little skinnier and more beefy than the real Oogie, but Baby Brother loves him so I can’t complain!!! This was a time consuming project with all of the sewing and took me most of the day (with breaks to eat and go to various sports).



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