Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded September 15, 2018

This bag marks my 1-year anniversary of this subscription!!! 🎉 I am pleasantly surprised at this month’s selection! The 80’s kid in me LOVES the traditional friendship bracelet!!! I remember making these under my desk in elementary school. The hiker in me loves the pine tree themed charm. And I also love the simple 5-bead bracelet too! The color theme is teal blue...not my favorite, but very nice now-the-least. The first bracelet is the simple one khaki strand with 5 donut shaped teal beads held in place by a sliver seed bead on either end. The next bracelet is the chunky friendship bracelet. It is a multi-stranded (6 strands) of diagonal stripes in light teal, teal, deep teal, and a white that leans teal...creating an ombré effect. The last bracelet is a 4-loose-stranded dark teal bracelet where the strands meet into the middle at a circular silver charm that has two pine trees. 🌲 I am very happy with this month.




Bracelet Trio

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September 2018

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