Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded September 24, 2018

The black and white “carving” pumpkins came from Walmart. They are made of a thick foam and are hallow so that you can carve them and keep them for years. I didn’t carve them...but painted them instead. I was going to have to paint one black, but Walmart had black ones all ready to go! I used black acrylic paint (from Target) to make the black face on the white pumpkin. I used white water based (kid friendly) paint on the black pumpkin. It was too sheer and streaky and I ended up using white Essence The Gel Nail Polish to darken it up. 😝 The faces were painted on by me free-hand (no stencil was used...because I am too lazy). I went into my scrap ribbon bin and found all different textures (ribbed, velvet, metallic, lace, etc.) of black and white ribbon. I tied them onto the steams and hot glued them down. Super easy and only cost the price of the pumpkins (about $10 each).

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Jack Pumpkins


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