Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded September 24, 2018

This was a more tricky craft for my son’s Nightmare Before Christmas party. I wanted a floating Zero to hang over the dinning room table (where we will eat the cake). I had an idea how to make it by reading blog posts, Pinterest, videos, etc. I had a few yards of white sheer gossamer fabric from the year Baby Brother wanted to be a ghost...but then ended up being Daniel Tiger for Halloween. I also have an ancient roll of red velvet ribbon laying around and scraps from it after making the scary wreath. I also had plenty of wire clothes hangers laying around the basement (since I have yet to bring them back to the dry cleaner...yeah laziness!!!). I had to buy a foam white cone and a little jack-o-lantern, which I picked up at AC Moore. First I made the Ears by bending two wire hangers by pulling on the hook and straightening it out the “other” way from how it is bent. I cut pieces of the gossamer off and wrapped them around the stretched out hanger. I glued them down with hot glue. While they cooled, I stretched out one more hanger and stuck the straightened out hook into the center of the flat bottom of the foam cone. I then placed the center of the rest of the gossamer on the tip of the cone and draped it over the cone and the hanger. I gathered the fabric at the bottom of the cone and hot glued the strip of left-over velvet ribbon to make Zero’s collar. I then cut holes into the gossamer at the bottom of the cone to poke in the straightened hooks of the hanger “ears” into the foam. I did need to do a little sewing to attach the gossamer of the ears to the gossamer of the body. I then bent the “ears” as they are in the movie. I glued the little jack-o-lantern ornament to the tip of the cone for Zero’s nose. I cut one ovals out of black felt scraps and glued them onto the cone for eyes. I added some jewelry wire loops to the cone and to the end of the body hanger (I need to poke more holes in the gossamer to do this). I bought some stick-on hooks

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Floating Zero


Nightmare Before Christmas Decoration