Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded September 24, 2018

I would call this more “mermaid” than “woodland fairy” because of the purple and teal colors. This is my favorite of the the Alter Ego cheap thrift store wigs. Totally worth the $13 price tag! This wig is fake looking, but mostly because of the color! The hair is not shiny and it is very thick so you can’t see the cap. I love the curls in this wig and they hold their shape really well going in and out of the packaging. The bangs are great and thick too...doing a great job covering my giant forehead! The cap is itchy and pretty cheap netting (with no straps or clips). But it fits well and doesn’t slide if the hair is all lying on my chest. If I put the hair behind my shoulders the wig will slip back due to the weight (and then will require clips to hold it in place. I do get pretty warm in this wig and am ok in just a tank top on this crisp fall New England day! I have nothing but happy things to say about this silly cheap mermaid wig!!! 💙💜💙💜

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Woodland Fairy




Alter Ego