Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded October 16, 2018

I saw this egg brush on Zulily and thought, if it is like the fake artist brushes, this would be great for travel. I love the size and the shape! However, this brush, for some reason, doesn’t play well with most of my foundations. Not sure why? In fact, the only foundation that works well with this brush is my It Cosmetics CC cream! This is not a bad thing though! For a long time I had to use my fingers to blend in the CC cream because it didn’t seem to like any of my I have one that works! This brush is very dense yet very soft. I have to be careful packing it back into the egg because the top can squish the bristles. Opening the egg back up is tricky and can potentially wreck your nail polish! But this does mean that the egg stays closed until you want it open. The bristles are soft but VERY tightly packed! They are white with red tips. I have noticed that foundation does stain the bristles and no amount of deep cleaning seems to be able to remove them (see pictures). It is easy and comfortable to hold and maneuver. But the brush is so thick that it seems to just smear most foundations around (instead of blending them in). But, as I said, the It Cosmetics CC Cream blends out well with using circular motions with the brush. I don’t recommend this particular brush, since only one foundation works with it. Bummer.

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