Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded October 16, 2018

This is my September headband from Headbands for Hope. It is a silk triangular head scarf. The pattern is very fall: Green pinstripes on a white background with pink, brown, and yellow flowers. As always, it is well made and very pretty. I will most likely give this headband away though because headscarves usually don’t fit my little head (this one is no different) and the colors are just not “me”. I did try rolling it up to make a more headband shape, but it kept sliding off because the material is so soft and silky. I will find someone with a full head of thick hair that would love to have this in their collection...maybe someone with a convertible car, because that is usually when you see headscarves in movies!!! 😝

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Headbands Of Hope

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Flower Triangle


Head Scarf


Headbands Of Hope