Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded October 16, 2018

This full size lip gloss came in my October 2018 Ipsy Bag. This gloss is a bit on the tacky side, but not too uncomfortable. The duo chrome shade is white with gold reflect...that shifts pink. Funny enough, though it has a gold reflect, it looks more silvery and pink on my lips. It does transfer, but the transfer looks mostly clear so you won’t notice it on a cup rim or on your man. The formula is not super long lasting, though the glitter reflect does stick around long after the gloss has worn away. The gloss has a light chemical vanilla scent. It seems to work fine over other lipsticks (liquids and creams) and does help to smooth out any dryness caused by a liquid lipstick. It looks best over nudes, pinks, fuchsias, and purples. This is not my favorite gloss but I love the generous size and I will definitely continue to wear it.


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Laritzy Cosmetics

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