Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded October 16, 2018

I purchased this headband in college at one of those Indian-Persian stores that are always near college campuses and sell incense, tapestries, beaded curtains, cheep shoes, flowy dresses (I LOVE these dresses!!!), etc. This was my first of these type of material headbands that has an elastic on the back and enough fabric to cover the whole top of the head. These have become my favorite type of headband! This fabric is a bright sheer red with bright paisley patterns in it and gold metallic threading throughout. I love the colors and the boho feel of it. It fits my head well but it will start to slip off throughout the day. It is best to use clips or Bobby pins to secure it to my hair. I have used it as just a headband with all the material bunched up...but I also like to spread the material out and wear it as more of a mini head scarf (wearing it this way is great in the summer to keep my scalp from burning without having to wear a hat). This is obviously one of my favorite hair accessories, since it has survived many declutters throughout the years! I know I will keep this around for many years more!!! ❤️

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The Mercantile

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Red Paisley


Cloth Headband