Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded November 2, 2018

These are PAINFUL!!!! 😖. I found these Disney Parks light-up Mickey Ears on the Disney Store website and thought they would be perfect for my son who had a Jack Skellington birthday party. They are not super heavy and made of plastic. The ears are clear and yellow with pictures of Jack on them. The lights are at the bottom of the ears and light up by pushing a button on the very top of the headband between the ears. The light flashes three different ways: off, then just Jack, then Jack and the outer ring, and finally the entire ear as the yellow lights up too...then the cycle repeats. They are bright but not obnoxious. I would really enjoy them except for the fact that they are super tight and they hurt!!! They put a ton of pressure on the points behind your ears that cause an awful headache. Plus, the little cleats that are on the inside of the band (the ones that catch in your hair and keep it from sliding) dig into the scalp painfully. I can’t keep these on my head for more than a few min. My son (who has a big head) couldn’t wear them at all. There is a battery compartment on the very top of the headband next to the button. This headband takes two watch batteries. I don’t recommend these (or any other ears like this by Disney) because they are more torturous than cute!!! Save your $$!!!

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Light-Up Jack Skellington


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