Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded November 2, 2018

I have always wanted a pair of rose gold ears...since they are all the rage right now and rose gold looks great with my hair and skin tone. These were discounted as the seller was selling out her “summer” inventory. So these were on of the cheaper pairs of handmade ears that I purchased ($20, including shipping!). I received these ears about two weeks after I ordered them...which makes sense if she already had them made. They were packaged well in bubble wrap and tons of pink tissue paper. She also sent me a coupon code for my next purchase. These ears are much smaller than my other ears as far as the size of the actual ears go. Now, because I have a tiny head, this is a very good thing, because they look proportionate to my head. These ears would also look great on kids! They are sturdy and well made. The bow is a soft pink satin that is wrapped around and glued onto the headband. The ears are very sturdy and glued onto the band as well. The rose gold sequins fabric is also used to line the headband. However, I don’t find this headband as scratchy as others that have sequins! The inside of the headband is also lined (and padded, I think) and super soft and squishy. It fits me well, but it does dig in a little and slides back a little too. I do have to keep readjusting the headband throughout the day. But it is so perfect on me that it is worth the fight! I love these ears and I am so happy to have them!

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Rose Gold


Mickey Ears


She’s All Ears Bowtique

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