Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded November 8, 2018

I bought these girl’s fuzzy Minnie Ears while on my Honeymoon at Disney World in 2009. This was long before the ear headbands were a thing...this was the only pair they carried at the time. I was tired of wearing a hat but I needed to keep my hair out of my face and my scalp from burning, so I impulse-bought these. At the time they were less than $20 (now they are more). These are made for small kid heads and the headband does get tight after a while. After a few hours, I get that behind-the-eyes headache. The ears and the headband are very fuzzy like a stuffed animal. The red bow is very puffy (but not fuzzy). I like that these are small and don’t overpower my small head. I just wish they were more comfortable so I could wear them all day without taking a break.

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Minnie Mouse Ears