Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded November 8, 2018

I saw these big pink & and purple sparkly brushes at TJ Maxx and decided that even though I didn’t need them, I wanted them! I love this pink handle that is cubed and flat on each side...which feels cool to hold. The glitter is embossed on the handle, so though it has some texture, it is not ever going to flake off. The ferrel is gold with the brush number and RT engraved in the metal. Packaging says “For light or full coverage.” The handle is sparkly purple but it is smooth, not course like most sparkly things. The bristles has this really pretty white-Purple-pink ombré. The bristles are very soft and pretty dense. It is a stipple brush but because it is so dense, it works well with foundations. I tried it with several foundations and it looked ok...but not better than my fake artist brushes. However, the one foundation that doesn’t play well with foundation brushes or sponges (It Cosmetics CC Cream) works really well with!!! I am so happy that this one-off purchase turned out to be a success! A big SPARKLY success! 😝

Year Made


Purchased From

TJ Maxx

Model Number

301 Foundation


Brush Crush By Sam & Nic


Real Techniques