Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded November 14, 2018

Last year I bought the red ugly sweater fuzzy Mickey ear headband from the online store. I like them, but when they released this new color-scheme for the fuzzy ears this year, I had to get them (since I was grabbing gifts for others on the site already). These colors look much better on me than last year’s. Last year the fuzzy ears were red, and though I usually love rocking red, the ears were too bright for my skin tone! This year the ears are black and grey and they look better with my pale skin and blonde hair. The puff balls of fuzz are sturdy/solid and covered in very soft, thick black faux fur. The ugly sweater pattern is white, dark grey pixels, light grey snowflakes, and red stripes. The bow features two Mickey Ear beanie hats made to look like ornaments. The inside of the headband is lined with a soft fuzzy material. I think that Disney’s getting better at making more comfortable ears...these don’t seem to squish my temples like last’s pair do! I am very happy I sprung for this year’s Ears!!!

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2018 Holiday Ugly Sweater


Mickey Ear Headband