Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded November 18, 2018

This full sized pigment came in my November 2018 Ipsy bag. This is a very generous size of powder. The shade is a light blue powder with silver glitter dust. The powder is very soft and fine. It doesn’t seem to get everywhere when you open the jar...which is really nice since pigments can get VERY messy! This also holds true on the lids too. I haven’t noticed any fallout (and this is just using a regular eye primer, not a glitter glue)! It is very impressive. The powder is easy to apply: I just dab some on my finger off the jar’s cap (there is a sifter on the jar, but it doesn’t to that great of a job holding in the product) and then dot it onto my eyelids. I do this a few times to build up the shimmer. This is not a super glow but more of a subtle duo-chrome shift. It is really pretty and I like the effect a lot. I have noticed a bit of creasing in my fine lines by the end of the day unfortunately. I really like this formula a lot...I just wished they sent me a pink or purple because I don’t wear blue eyeshadows (the shade doesn’t look that great on me 😔). But if you love shiny blue shades, this is really a great pigment!!! I would recommend this powder for sure, I just don’t know if I will keep it because of the shade?

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Jelly Pong Pong


Cosmic Light Multifunctional Pigment