Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded November 18, 2018

I love the original CC cream by It Cosmetics, but throughout the day, it does break down a bit (especially on a hot summer day), so I wanted to see if this formula would last longer. I am happy to see that they expanded their shade range (which is dismal to begin with), but I had no idea which shade was right for me. I went with “Fair Light” because it look like it leaned pink as opposed to the more yellow “Light” shade of the original. It does seem to be more dark, however, than the light shade of the original formula. I don’t have a problem with this since I am planning on wearing this in the summer when I have more color. And I can blend it out to match my lighter winter skin I am ok with this shade. I love that it has SPF (pale girl problems)! Now, the “Matte” label is not all it is cracked up to be. It does not stay matte!!! My skin looks shiny about mid-day (4 hours into wear). The funny thing is, I have a glowy shine, but my skin doesn’t feel oily at all. So I can’t say that it is a Matte-looking formula but it is a Matte-feeling formula...if that makes sense. It is more “oil control” than “matte”. The only problem is that I tend to break out a little more wearing this foundation over the original formula. It is not a bad breakout, just a few more imperfections than normal. The coverage is medium and natural looking...and I love that the tube has a pump!!! I don’t dislike this formula, but I prefer the original. I will definitely use this tube up but then I will most likely return to my go-to regular CC cream in light.

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Fair Light


CC+ Oil-Free Matte Foundation


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