Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded November 28, 2018

This Etsy seller has a ton of different things in her shop...all made of felt! Toys, animals, badges, patches, hair accessories, etc. Of course, the reason I ended up at her shop was because of these headbands. She has one for every one of the characters on the Muppet Babies show (Disney JR). I, of course, grabbed Kermit, but her Fozzie and Gonzo bands looked so fun too!!! At only $7 a piece, I may go back for more! 😉. I look at these as just another pair of “Mickey Ears” that I would wear to the Disney Parks. It did take a while to get them, which makes me think that the seller makes-to-order. The headband itself is just a simple, thin plastic white band that looks uncomfortable but is actually one of the most comfortable bands I have worn!!! It may be that the seller didn’t cover the entire band with felt and left the bottom 3rd exposed, making it thinner and therefor causing less pressure at the temples? The top portion of the plastic band is wrapped in alternating blocks of green and white felt. The eyes are solidly made with exposed white stitching. The black eyeballs and the white are super glued to each other and the headband. They seem like they will hold up through wear though they do look a little craft-project-y. It is appropriate that these are made of felt seeing as Muppets are made of felt too. And I love that they are most definitely Kermit without have a ton of green (since I don’t look good in green usually. These eyes are small and look nicely proportional to my small head. I am very happy with them and they are totally worth the $$!!!

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