Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded December 19, 2018

This glitter-changing gloss mini came in my December 2018 Ipsy bag. First off, this is a VERY comfortable formula! It dries down quick and feels like there is nothing on the lips. It doesn’t dry out the lips and even with the glitter it is never gritty feeling! Very comfortable!! The shade is a rosy berry that leans slightly peach. It is the kind of neutral shade almost anyone can wear. The glitter is noticeable as soon as you apply the lipstick but becomes much more pronounced once you “flip” it. To flip, you just smack or rub your lips together. I took pictures of the before & after the flip to show the change in glitter (see hand swatches and last two lip pictures). It is a decent amount of glitter once you flip. The glitter makes this a less everyday wearable lipstick...but it is fun. I do really like this formula and keep finding that I really enjoy most Ciaté products! I hope Ipsy keeps sending them to me!


Glitter Flip Mini

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