Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded December 19, 2018

This dry shampoo foam sample came in my December 2018 Ipsy bag. Beware!!! This stuff goes EVERYWHERE when you spry it into your hands! But it smells really good (like an expensive salon product...clean) and it doesn’t make my hands sticky. I can use this and not feel like I have to wash my hands afterwards! Which is awesome since I hate how my hands feel after applying styling mouse. This would be a great dry shampoo for travel since it is not an aerosol can (I get nervous checking aerosol cans on an airplane).
There are some problems though. I don’t think this works well to keep my hair from getting oily. By the end of day, my hair is an oily mess. The other problem is that I have a hard time getting the product really close to the roots. It sticks to the outside strands and never makes it to the strands underneath. It is even worse to work with now that I am wearing fake nails since I can’t really run my fingers through my hair without them getting caught. Not getting to the roots of my hair may be why my hair is so oily by night time. So in the end, I not a super fan. I have stopped using it for now, but I would like to find a way to finish this product. Once I finish it, I am pretty sure will not be buying a full size.




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