Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded December 19, 2018

(DECLUTTERED: pink shades like this always bring out the cracks and imperfections in my lips!) This mini lip crayon came in my December 2018 Sephora Play Box. I usually enjoy TrèStique crayon products (be it lipstick, blush, or highlight) and this crayon is creamy and easy to apply like the others...but this shade is just bad for me. This is the color, and the fact that it is shimmery, just emphasizes every crack and dry spot on my lips. And now that it is winter, my lips are always cracked an dry (no matter how much water I drink!). The shade is a shimmery light peachy pink. It is very close to my lip color. I would rather wear a lip gloss in this color than a lipstick because they make my lips look less junky. I am sure that many others will love to wear this shade, so I will be passing it on to someone who will love it.



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