Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded December 19, 2018

This primer sample came in my December 2018 Sephora Play. I was curious about this primer when it was released with the Peach Collection because oily girls were saying it was a great primer for our kind! 😉. First impression is that it is very thick and a bit hard to spread out on the face. It is very cooling, does do a good job blurring pours, smooths out the skin, but doesn’t feel sticky. It has a peach tint to it but it blends into my pink-toned skin really well. I don’t love that it has a faint peach scent (I am not a fan of the fruit) but it doesn’t seem to stick around very long. I do find that I have a slightly harder time blending out my foundation once the primer is dry. But this is worth the hassle if it does its job keeping me oil-free! And it pretty much does. I do feel a little oily by the end of the day but I don’t look oily (face pictures were taken after 8 hours of wear...fist picture with flash, other two without). I like how my foundation looks at the end if the day! The only problem is that I think it may be breaking me out? I have noticed more “trouble areas” on my face since I started using it. If this continues, I will have to declutter it...but if I can say it is not the primer, I will use this sample up for sure and may consider buying a full size.


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