Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded January 3, 2019

This is the December 2018 Trio from my Puravida Subscription. This trio is not my favorite of the year, but I am still very happy. The first bracelet is a braided white double strand with a dark silver pointy crystal heald in the center with a silver band. This crystal shape reminds me of the doodle we did in the 80’s that looks like a graffiti “s” for some reason. The second bracelet has a double strand of khaki that is both braided and rolled. The small beads are a pattern of green-tinted dark silver multi-sided beads and clear oval multi-sided beads. The last bracelet is a bit is held together with two roped strands of khaki on either side, they connect to two very thick strands of silver metallic (held together with silver hardware), and in between the two thick silver strands are the clear oval multi-sided beads that are in bracelet #2and are held in place with strands of khaki.

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December 2018


Bracelet Trio