Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded January 3, 2019

This is my (I believe) January “headband” from Headbands of hope. So this subscription mails out late in the month and it is hard to tell which month this belongs I am just calling it “January” even though it may be December? Here is my problem: this is a HEADBAND subscription and this is the second scarf. I have a little head and scarves are too big for my hair and head. I want headbands...and if I keep getting scarves, I will have to say “goodbye” to this subscription. 🙁 This is a pretty silky scarf (tag says polyester though) that is a navy blue with diamond shapes outlined by burnt orange and white skinny stripes and a dark brown boarder. I like the colors and they look good on me, but I never wear square scarves and if I ever needed one, I have a great coral Mickey Mouse one that I will not get rid of! So therefor, I will be passing this one on too. PLEASE Headbands of Hope...more HEADBANDS & no more scarves!!!


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