Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded January 5, 2019

While I was on the Too Faced site looking for the Gingerbread palette (I didn’t have any luck BTW). But I came across this adorable, limited edition palette sand couldn’t resist! Now, I am not a dog person (crazy cat lady here!) but look at the adorable cover!!! The folded over ear is so cute. This is a mini palette...just a bit smaller than my cell phone. The pans are a nice size and they have that same Chocolate Bar cocoa scent. This palette has a magnetic closure and a good sized mirror. These shades are soft, somewhat easy to work with, and are very pigmented!! The mattes in this palette are beautiful! They are a bit powdery and there is some kick-up (thank goodness it tastes like cocoa too...because I have inhaled quite a bit!). The dark brown has glitter in the pan but comes off as a matte on the eyes...and it can apply a little patchy at times. The glitters are a bit more difficult to work with, which is not like the Chocolate Bar pallets. These work better when wet, but I am lazy, so I just layer them up. I am always happy with the looks that I get. This palette is a bit warmer than I had hoped. I love the matte light brown that leans purple and the cream shade is my perfect brow highlight color!
The shades are: Bad to the Bone (a matte cream that leans pink...perfect for my skin tone!), Snuggle Time (a beautiful matte dusty rose), Puppy Nose (a shimmery bubblegum pink), Heavy Petting (a VERY pigmented dark matte brown with silver glitter that doesn’t really show on the lids), Vanity Fur (a shimmery shiny-penny bronze), and Bow Wow (a light teddy bear matte brown).


Too Faced


6-Pan Palette

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Puppy Love

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Too Faced

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