Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded January 8, 2019

This is an “Instagram Made Me Buy It” through their sponsored posts that come up ever 10 pictures or so. I try hard to ignore these adds... but I would not have had my love affair with Puravita without them! So, I caved again on this brush. The ad’s link took me to the RoseGlow site where I ordered the brush for (what I think) a good $. I ordered it in mid December and it came after the new year... so shipping was slow. This brush is very well made and pretty big. It has a red plastic see-through top and handle and the silicone brush is a light blue. It is very sturdy and the handle, which slips easily between your fingers, and is very comfortable (even in my tiny hands)! The silicon “bristles” look like very pointy cones. These cones are solid but pretty flexible and look like they can handle a good amount of beating. The bristles sit on a mat that also has a little bit of give. Now, this brush claims to help strengthen and promote hair growth, along with exfoliating the scalp, and a tangle-free shampoo application. If none of these things actually happen, I will still be happy I have this brush!!! Mostly because it feels AMAZING on the scalp!!! I have a constantly dry and itchy scalp and this is like a great scratch and deep massage all in one! It is a pretty intense scratch, no matter how light a hand you use, so I don’t recommend this for some with a sensitive scalp (my youngest son hates it and says it “ouches”). But I love it! I have used it only a handful of times so far to shampoo...I have used it even more out of the shower and dry just to massage my scalp!!! when using it in the shower, I lather my hair with the shampoo first then use the brush to rub it all in (I don’t use it with conditioner though). I agree that there are no tangles with the brush...not that my hair gets really tangled to begin with. I haven’t noticed any less itchiness, less dander, or more hair growth (yet), but I love how this brush feels and will continue to use

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