Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded January 16, 2019

This is yet another month for an extra bracelet! What a nice surprise...even better when one of them is the wave design that brought me to the brand in the first place! I love the color scheme this month! It is very beachy and makes me miss summer so much! The first bracelet is a multi strand of light blue, teal, and dark blue and held together with a strand of white. The second bracelet is a single strand of blue covered in white seed beads with one long silver bead in the center. The third bracelet is made of two white strands holding a dark blue oval gem with silver hardware in the center. The last bracelet is a single braided strand of teal holding a silver wave in the center. The wave is slightly curved to fit the curve of your wrist (which is a very nice touch). So happy with my bracelets this month after a somewhat disappointing Trio last month!

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January 2019


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