Amanda Hird Arsenaultadded February 3, 2019

A friend of mine posted a picture of a cross stitch on FB with this saying on it and wrote that it was “everything”. I have just revisited my obsession with cross stitching (my grandma’s fault...she taught me in middle school and it helped me deal with stress in college) and I told her I could totally make it. The picture originally had the text but then pictures of faceless Victorian people (*swipe to last picture to see the original). I told my friend that I could do exactly what she posted or I could make it more flowery in an ironic way. She chose flowers and told me her favorite colors were burgundy and mustard yellow (very Gryffindor!). After messing around with some traditional floral boarders, I asked if she wanted me to replace the center flower with a skull (because that seemed more like my friend) and she agreed. Once I had the pattern mapped out, it only took me an hour and a half to Stitch the entire thing. It took longer to talk with my friend about the details! A few days later, I picked up a sticky board to mount the cloth and an “ugly” gold frame that works perfectly from AC Moore. All I have to do now is deliver it to my friend. I did take some time to write down the pattern with colored pencils and graph paper. I am pretty proud with how it came out. BTW: as an obsessive cross stitcher, I already had the Aida cloth and every color of embroidery floss all I needed was the mounting board and frame.

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