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When I go on vacation I like to take a little craft project with me to keep me busy while at the beach, watching TV, or on rainy days. Cross stitch projects are always the best because if you plan it well, it take up little space in luggage. I took with me: the Aida cloth and a wooden hoop (a bigger one that you see pictured), a sewing needle, a pair of tiny embroidery scissors, a seam puller (in case I screw up), the pattern paper, and a tiny box with about 20 different floss shades in basic colors (most came with the original kit, but I added some of my own too). All of this (except the hoop) fit into a large zippered pencil pouch about the size of a notebook...perfect for travel. I took this kit to Barbados to make a Christmas gift for my best friend. I have never made one of these before and I was excited to make her family. The pattern gives you several “guy” patterns, several “lady” patterns, several children ranging from baby to teen (boy and girl), and a few pets as well. The point is to use these bodies, clothes, and hairstyles to come up with custom people that look like the family you are making. For instance, to make my friend, I used the lady with shoulder-length hair and flip flops (my friend LOVES flip flops) but because she also wears glasses, I used the glasses pattern from the older mustache man because his glasses looked most like hers. I did improvise a little by giving her husband stubble (he always has a 5’o clock shadow), making one of the boys just a hair taller, and adding wings and a halo to the kitty (who passed away a while ago). Then I back stitched the lettering for their last name. I finished this all while on vacation (as you can see in the “made with love in Barbados” picture). Once home, I bought a much smaller hoop, hot glued it together, added a ribbon hanger with a button, and trimmed down the Aida cloth. I made that little cardboard backing with pictures I printed off my Sprocket to show that it was all Caribbean-ma

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